Yamasaki Y42 Singlemode OTDR – 1310/1550nm

Yamasaki Singlemode OTDR – 1310/1550nm, 32/30dB with Integrated Visual Light Source

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Yamasaki Y42 OTDR 9 MB

Yamasaki Y42 Singlemode OTDR – 1310/1550nm provides Effortless Fiber Network Analysis.

Enter a new era of fiber optic network analysis with the Yamasaki Singlemode OTDR. This advanced tool is designed to enhance your testing and troubleshooting capabilities, offering a range of features to streamline your workflow and deliver accurate results. With integrated OTDR, VFL, OPM, LS, event map, fiber-end inspection, and insertion loss test. This product offers a comprehensive solution for fiber optic testing needs.



Discover the Power of a Yamasaki Singlemode OTDR

The Yamasaki Singlemode OTDR combines advanced technology with user-centric design to provide an effortless fiber optic testing experience. With its intuitive interface and versatile operation modes, this tool empowers both beginners and experienced professionals to perform efficient network analysis.


Streamlined Operation for Efficient Results

Experience efficient testing with the Yamasaki Singlemode OTDR’s user-friendly design. The color touch screen and keypad options offer flexibility in how you interact with the device, allowing you to choose between automatic and manual modes based on your testing needs.


Robust Build, Reliable Protection

Built to withstand real-world conditions, the Yamasaki Y42 Singlemode OTDR boasts shock-resistant, water-resistant, drop-resistant, and dust-resistant properties. This durability ensures consistent performance in challenging environments, guaranteeing reliability and longevity.


Enhanced Fault Detection with Precision

Benefit from sharper fault detection with the Yamasaki Singlemode OTDR’s shorter dead zone of 0.5 and attenuation zone of 3. These specifications enable accurate identification of faults, reducing downtime and enhancing troubleshooting accuracy.


Yamasaki Y42 Singlemode OTDR Effortless Data Management and Analysis

Managing and analyzing test results is a breeze with the Yamasaki Y42 Singlemode OTDR. Easily transfer traces to your PC using the supplied USB or SD Card, and leverage the included software for comprehensive data analysis. This seamless process optimizes data management.


Comprehensive Functionality with VFL Feature

The Yamasaki Singlemode OTDR features a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) function, operating at 650nm±20nm wavelength. With CW, 1Hz, and 2Hz modes, the VFL aids in identifying faults within the fiber optic network, further enhancing your troubleshooting capabilities.


Optimize Your Fiber Network Analysis

Elevate your fiber optic testing and troubleshooting with the Yamasaki Singlemode OTDR. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly design, durability, and fault detection precision makes it an essential tool for maximizing network performance and efficiency.

Weight (kg): 1.2

Length (cm): 16.2

Width (cm): 5.2

Height (cm): 22

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