Yamasaki R142 Chassis

Designed to make Media Converter storage, networking and protection easier than ever.

  • CE , FCC, RoHS
  • Two models available to suit different power sources
  • Operating temperature -10~55°C
  • Operating humidity 5%~90%
  • Power input AC Voltage: AC 100~265V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Maintaining temperature -40~70°C

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The Yamasaki R142 Media Converter Chassis is designed to make Media Converter storage, networking and protection easier than ever. With the ability to hold up to 14 Yamasaki Media Converters with hot swapping functionality, it is perfect for maintaining network stability.


The Yamasaki R142 is “Designed for Usability”.


Designed with state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering, this chassis offers unparalleled performance for all your media conversion needs. Hot pluggable slots and LED power indicators ensure using the chassis is a breeze.


Protect your Media Converters.


Added circuit breaker protection will give you peace of mind knowing your hardware is safe.


Customization to Suit You.


The R142 Chassis can hold up to 14 media converters with any combination of Yamasaki Media Converter models.

Additionally, for ease of use, it can handle hot swapping with any combination of different Yamasaki media converter models. Above all, for maintaining perfect network stability, the Yamasaki R142 comes with two built-in cooling fans, dual power supplies with smooth automatic switch-over.


R142 Chassis
R142 Chassis

Other features of the Yamasaki R142 Chassis are as follows:


Hot Pluggable slots, a cabinet size at 19″ 2RU as well as circuit breaker protection. Moreover, it also has an extensive operating temperature range between 0° and 70° degrees. Subsequently, this ensures the chassis will continue to operate without threatening the functionality of the Media Converters within.


Featuring a sleek and compact design, the R142 chassis is built to seamlessly integrate into any network environment, whether it’s a small office setup or a large-scale enterprise network. Its modular architecture allows for easy expansion and customization, ensuring that your network infrastructure can grow with your business.


Experience the next level of network performance with the Yamasaki R142 Media Converter Chassis. Whether you’re upgrading your existing infrastructure or building a new network from scratch, trust Yamasaki’s expertise to deliver exceptional quality and reliability every step of the way.


Length (cm): 4.22

Width (cm): 2.30

Height (cm): 0.90

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