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TVFI-30 Visible Fault Identifier


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Simplify Troubleshooting with Yamasaki TVFI-30 Visible Fault Identifier


Discover the Yamasaki TVFI-30 Visible Fault Identifier, a compact yet highly effective tool designed to streamline troubleshooting processes in fiber optic cables. Its small size and impressive capabilities make it an invaluable asset for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the field.


Immediate Fault Detection

Leveraging advanced technology, the Yamasaki TVFI-30 emits a brilliant 30mW Class IIIB laser into fiber optic cables, instantly illuminating any faults such as breaks, bends, or faulty connectors. This innovative approach causes problematic areas to emit a vibrant red glow, making fault detection an effortless task. Furthermore, the laser’s flash mode at 2Hz offers enhanced precision in locating issues.


Versatile Compatibility

Operating with a 650nm (Red) wavelength, the Yamasaki TVFI-30  Visible Fault Identifier suits various fiber optic applications. Its impressive effective range ensures coverage over significant distances, adapting to diverse scenarios. Whether dealing with Singlemode (SM) or Multimode (MM) cables, the TVFI-30 accommodates both effortlessly. Its compatibility with 2.5mm ferrules  and using the TLC provides the ability to work with 1.25mm ferrules only adds flexibility, allowing use with a range of fiber optic connectors.


User-Centric Design, Reliability Guaranteed

The Yamasaki TVFI-30 is thoughtfully designed for user convenience. Featuring a power display light, monitoring operational status becomes effortless. Running on two AAA batteries, it maintains portability while delivering consistent performance. Additionally, the TVFI-30 comes with a 12-month warranty, ensuring its robustness and reliability over time.


Elevate Troubleshooting Efficiency

In the world of fiber optic troubleshooting, the Yamasaki TVFI-30 Visible Fault Identifier emerges as an indispensable tool. Its compact build, versatile capabilities, and user-friendly features contribute to a smoother fault identification process. By simplifying troubleshooting, the TVFI-30 increases efficiency, minimizes downtime, and empowers professionals to uphold optimal network performance confidently. A 30mW VFI is a valuable tool for professionals working in various sectors, including telecommunications, data centers, and cable installation.

Weight (kg): 1

Length (cm): 25

Width (cm): 20

Height (cm): 10

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