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Yamasaki USB Visual Microscope

The Yamasaki Fiber Optic OTDR USB Visual Microscope excels in precise fiber optic inspections with advanced OTDR technology. It characterizes and troubleshoots optical fibers accurately,  and identifies issues like scratches or defects. The USB interface connects seamlessly to a computer, transforming it into a powerful tool for maintaining fiber optic infrastructure.

State-of-the-art fiber optic illumination system

This microscope ensures uniform and intense light for detailed inspections, crucial for identifying potential faults in cables. Its advanced optics provide clear images, facilitating meticulous examination of fiber end faces and connectors.

The Yamasaki USB Visual Microscope is Versatile in design

The USB connectivity allows easy integration with OTDR, PC software and Mobile Phones, empowering users to capture high-resolution images for documentation and analysis.

Probing, Analyzing, and Illuminating

Probing the Fiber Landscape:

The visual microscope probe actively probes the intricate landscape of fiber optic connectors, uncovering details that may elude standard inspection methods. Its high-resolution camera  captures images with remarkable clarity, allowing technicians to scrutinize the minutest details.

Analyzing Connector Integrity:

Beyond mere visual inspection, the OTDR Visual Microscope Probe actively analyzes the integrity of fiber optic connectors. By integrating microscopic images with OTDR data, technicians gain a comprehensive view of the connector’s condition, identifying potential issues that could impact network performance.

Illuminating Hidden Challenges:

In the quest for network excellence, the visual microscope probe plays a crucial role in illuminating hidden challenges. Its active illumination not only reveals contaminants or defects but also assists in understanding the root causes of signal loss and network disruptions.

 Portable and Field-Ready:

  • Recognizing the dynamic nature of fiber optic network maintenance, the visual microscope probe is designed to be portable and field-ready.
  • Technicians can carry this tool to remote locations. Ensuring that visual inspection and active analysis are readily available wherever they are needed.
By converging the active capabilities of an OTDR with the visual precision of a microscope probe, this tool illuminates the path to network excellence.

Weight (kg): 0.5

Length (cm): 2.1

Width (cm): .56

Height (cm): .5

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