FiberScout | Fault Identifier & Singlemode Fibre Length Tester

    • Interchangeable connector: FC/SC/ST (LC adapter available)


    • Operating Wavelength: 1550nm


    • Visible Fault Identifier: 650nm, 1mW-Bright red



Datasheets Available


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Yamasaki Fibre Scout Datasheet 478 KB

Meet the TS21 FiberScout, an ingenious creation by Yamasaki that offers a cost-effective and straightforward solution for identifying fiber faults and testing Singlemode fiber length. This lightweight, rugged, and water-resistant piece of test equipment stands as a reliable companion, capable of displaying up to 8 results simultaneously, with three exceptional functions at its core.


Seamless Functionality Enhanced by Innovation


Automatic Power Control: Witness the prowess of automatic power control as it tests and adjusts power levels to align with the real-world test environment. This dynamic feature ensures optimal testing conditions for accurate results.


Automatic Pulse Width Selection: Experience the convenience of automatic pulse width selection, adapting to the actual test distance effortlessly. This intelligent function chooses the most suitable pulse width, eliminating guesswork and streamlining the testing process.


Built-in 650nm VFI (Visual Fault Identification): Explore the benefits of the integrated 650nm VFI, aiding users in visually identifying faults within a 15km range. This feature enhances efficiency and expedites troubleshooting tasks.


Technical Specifications and More

For comprehensive insights, technical specifications, and additional information, don’t hesitate to download the datasheet. The Yamasaki TS21 FiberScout equips you with the tools needed to streamline fault identification and Singlemode fiber length testing, empowering you to maintain the highest standards of network performance.


Transition into a realm of efficiency and accuracy with the Yamasaki TS21 FiberScout. Experience the fusion of innovation and reliability, simplifying fault identification and testing like never before. Download the datasheet to embark on your journey toward optimized network maintenance.

Weight (kg): 1

Length (cm): 25

Width (cm): 20

Height (cm): 10

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