TLU2 Multimode Light Source – 850nm and 1300nm

Yamasaki Intelligent Multimode Light Source 850/1300nm


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Simplify Network Certification with Yamasaki TLU2 Intelligent Multimode Light Source


The Yamasaki TLU2 Light Source brings innovation to Multimode Fiber Optic Light Source technology, featuring 850nm and 1300nm wavelengths. Easily adjustable output power and Wave ID generation enhance versatility. This rugged handheld device pairs seamlessly with the Yamasaki TPU1 Intelligent Power Meter, offering reliable, downloadable results. The ambient light sensor ensures optimal LCD visibility, while the included features such as universal connectors, modulation options, AC adaptor, and a power-save mode make testing efficient.


Key Features in Focus


Multimode wavelengths: 850nm and 1300nm

Modulation options: CW, 270Hz, 330Hz, 1KHz, and 2KHz

Universal connectors: FC, SC, ST, and LC adaptor available

Ambient Light Sensor and Ultra-Bright LCD Display for clear visibility

AC Adaptor for continuous usage

Power Save Feature to extend battery life

Comprehensive Instruction Manual for easy setup and usage guidance

12 Month Warranty for added peace of mind


Versatile Network Testing

With the Yamasaki TLU2, network certification becomes seamless. The ability to generate Wave ID and Tones, coupled with adjustable output power, ensures adaptability across various scenarios. By pairing it with the Yamasaki TPU1 Intelligent Power Meter, you create a powerful duo for accurate, reliable, and downloadable test results.


Optimized Performance and Efficiency

The ambient light sensor intelligently adjusts the LCD’s brightness according to surroundings, enhancing usability. Whether using universal connectors or benefiting from modulation options, the Yamasaki TLU2 offers an array of features designed to simplify and streamline network certification processes.


Experience the advantage of simplified network certification with the Yamasaki TLU2 Intelligent Multimode Laser Source. Elevate your testing efficiency with this versatile tool, backed by Yamasaki’s commitment to quality and innovation.


Download the datasheet for comprehensive technical specifications and insights into how the Yamasaki TLU2 can enhance your network testing practices.

Weight (kg): 1

Length (cm): 23

Width (cm): 16

Height (cm): 8

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