Fiber Optic Microscopes – Yamasaki M200 and M400

    • Fiber inspection.


    • Coaxial viewing modes.


    • User friendly timed switch.


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Introducing the Yamasaki M200 and M400 Fiber Optic Microscopes: Compact, Durable, and Effortless to Use


Step into the world of precision with the Yamasaki M200 and M400 Fiber Optic Microscopes – compact, rugged tools that redefine optical excellence. These microscopes, sought after in both field and laboratory settings, feature high-quality all-glass optics coupled with integrated infra-red safety filters, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.


Enhanced Viewing Modes for Precision

The Yamasaki M200 Fiber Optic Microscope boasts support for both Oblique and Coaxial viewing modes. This versatile feature offers a clear view of either the fiber core or the surface of the end face, catering to diverse inspection needs. On the other hand, the Yamasaki M400 Fiber Optic Microscope excels in Coaxial viewing mode, delivering a surface view of the end face crucial for achieving optimal connectivity.


Effortless Illumination, Simplified Usage

Designed for ease of use, the Yamasaki M200 and M400 Fiber Optic Microscopes incorporate a timed switch that eliminates the need to constantly hold down the button while illuminating the end face. This intuitive design choice enhances user convenience and ensures efficient operation.


Rugged Build, Comfortable Grip

The rugged metal construction, comfortable rubber grip, and soft eyepiece make the Yamasaki M200 and M400 Fiber Optic Microscopes a natural choice for contractors and technicians alike. The ergonomic design guarantees comfort during extended use, allowing professionals to focus on precise inspections.


Infra-red Safety Filter for Protection

The integrated infra-red safety filter serves as an additional layer of protection, assisting in the prevention of potential eye damage from active laser sources. It’s important to note, however, that the microscope should never be used to view a known active fiber, and the filter’s effectiveness may vary based on different situations.


In addition to their impressive features, the Yamasaki M200 and M400 Fiber Optic Microscopes offer:


    200x and 400x magnification respectively

    950um field of view

    Universal adaptors for various connector types

    Durable metal construction ensuring longevity

    Timed illumination switch enhancing usability

    12-month warranty, reflecting Yamasaki’s commitment to quality.


Step into a new era of precision and convenience with the Yamasaki M200 and M400 Fiber Optic Microscopes. These compact tools embody the essence of reliability and performance, making them the perfect companions for contractors and technicians seeking top-tier inspection capabilities.

Weight (kg): 1

Length (cm): 10

Width (cm): 10

Height (cm): 5

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