FiberTalk | Fiber Optic Talk Set

    • 2x Hands-free Headsets.


    • 2KHz Source Tone.


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Reliable Communication Made Easy with Yamasaki TT1315 Fiber Optic Talk Set


Ensure seamless communication for professionals with the Yamasaki TT1315 Fiber Optic Talk Set. Specifically designed for hands-free, crystal-clear full-duplex communication, this two-pack solution guarantees cost-effective reliability over extended distances—eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient RF devices.


A Clear Advantage for Professionals

Fiber optic installers and technicians gain a distinct advantage with the Yamasaki TT1315. Say goodbye to unnecessary costs and ineffective options. This set empowers professionals with a dependable means of communication over long distances and prolonged periods, facilitated by spare Singlemode fiber optic cables.


User-Friendly Design Meets Optimal Functionality

Navigating the Yamasaki TT1315 Fiber Optic Talk Set is a breeze thanks to its intuitive menu system. Automatic call detection ensures convenience, while user-selectable backlighting enhances visibility. The flip-out stand and comfortable headset amplify user experience, making every interaction seamless.


Key Features in Focus


2 x Hands-free Headsets for uninterrupted communication

2 x Carry Cases for easy portability

Full Duplex Digital Audio ensuring clear conversations

2 x Ruggedized Boots for added durability

2KHz Source Tone for enhanced audio quality

2KHz Tone Detect for reliable signal detection

Optical Connector Protection Cap for safeguarding connectors

Customizable Backlight for personalized visibility

Instruction Manual for hassle-free setup and usage guidance

12 Month Warranty for added peace of mind


Elevate Communication Efficiency

Experience the convenience of reliable and seamless communication with the Yamasaki TT1315 Fiber Optic Talk Set. This purpose-built solution not only simplifies communication but also ensures cost-effectiveness, durability, and a superior user experience. Elevate your communication game today.


Download the datasheet for detailed specifications and further insights into how the Yamasaki TT1315 can transform your communication practices.

Weight (kg): 1

Length (cm): 22

Width (cm): 29

Height (cm): 8

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