Gigabit 1.25G Series – RJ45 SFP Transceiver 100m

100m 1.25G RJ45 SFP Transceiver

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 Gigabit 1.25G Series РRJ45 SFP Transceiver 100m

The Gigabit 1.25G-Rj45 Series is the next generation of SFP modules from Yamasaki. These S010 transceivers are hot-pluggable, compact, and lightweight. While still being capable of supporting speeds of up to 1Gbps up to 100m distance.

Yamasaki’s S010 is a very compact 1Gb/s optical transceiver module for serial optical communication applications at 1Gb/s. The Yamasaki S010 Copper Transceiver is compatible with CISCO switches and provides instant hot-pluggable 1G copper ports for your switches.

Data Rate

With a data rate of 1.25 gigabits per second, these transceivers redefine the standard for high-speed connectivity, making them an ideal choice for data centers, enterprise networks, and telecommunication systems.

Experience the seamless integration of Yamasaki’s state-of-the-art transceivers with their hot-pluggable design. This feature ensures effortless installations, allowing you to upgrade your network without disruptions. Engineered for versatility, offering compatibility with a wide array of networking equipment. This ensures smooth and efficient interoperability, making them a reliable solution for diverse networking environments.


Quality is ingrained in every Yamasaki product, and these transceivers are no exception. Rigorously tested to surpass industry standards, they guarantee not only high performance but also exceptional durability. Trust in a product that withstands the test of time, providing a stable and reliable connection for the long term. Minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

The Yamasaki Gigabit 1.25G SFP Transceivers support multiple protocols, making them suitable for a variety of networking applications. Whether you are upgrading your existing network or building a new one, these transceivers deliver the speed and reliability required for data-intensive tasks, ensuring your network can handle the demands of the digital era.

Elevate your network capabilities with Yamasaki’s Gigabit 1.25G SFP Transceivers. Embrace a new era of connectivity, where speed and reliability converge seamlessly. Upgrade your network infrastructure with confidence, knowing that Yamasaki’s commitment to excellence is at the heart of every Gigabit 1.25G SFP Transceiver, providing you with a high-performance solution that stands out in the digital

Weight (kg): 0.5

Length (cm): 7

Width (cm): 12

Height (cm): 2

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