1.25G SFP DWDM Transceivers – LC 80km Ch17~CH61

Hot-Pluggable SFP Footprint
Supports up to 1.25Gbps Data Rates
Single 3.3V Power Supply and Industry Low Power dissipation
Max link length Up to 80KM on SMF Fiber
Class 1 Laser Safety Compliant
RoHS 6 compliant (lead free)
Operating Case Temperature : 0~70℃ (Extended /Industrial grade optional)
Compliant with SFP MSA Specification
Low power consumption

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1.25G DWDM Ch17~CH61 1.25G DWDM Ch17~CH61
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1.25G SFP DWDM Transceivers – LC 80km Ch17~CH61

1.25G SFP DWDM Transceivers – LC 80km Ch17~CH61 are designed to meet the highest standards of modern telecommunications and data communication needs, our Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers provide a robust solution for long-distance, high-capacity networking.


Key Features:

  • High-Capacity Data Transfer: Supporting data rates up to 1.25Gbps, these transceivers ensure efficient and reliable data transmission across your network.
  • Extended Distance: Capable of transmitting data over distances up to 80 kilometers, ideal for long-haul and metropolitan area networks (MAN).
  • Wavelength Precision: Offering a wide range of wavelengths (ITU Grid), these transceivers allow you to multiplex multiple signals over a single fiber, thereby optimizing fiber utilization.
  • Hot Swappable: You can easily install and replace these transceivers without the need for network downtime, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Energy Efficient: Designed with low power consumption to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Reliable and Durable: Engineered to perform consistently under various environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Broad Compatibility: Work seamlessly with a variety of network equipment, including switches, routers, and optical transmission devices.


  • Telecommunications: Enhance the capacity and efficiency of telecom networks without the need for additional fiber infrastructure.
  • Data Centers: Improve inter-data center connectivity, ensuring high-speed data transfer and robust network performance.
  • Enterprise Networks: Ideal for large enterprises looking to expand and enhance their network capabilities to handle increased data traffic.
  • Metro and Long-Haul Networks: Optimize fiber use in metropolitan and long-distance network infrastructures.

Technical Specifications:

  • Data Rate: 1.25Gbps
  • Distance: Up to 80km
  • Wavelength: DWDM channels on the ITU grid, from C-band to L-band
  • Connector Type: LC Duplex
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C (Commercial), -40°C to 85°C (Industrial)
  • Compliance: Meets or exceeds MSA standards, RoHS compliant

Why Choose Yamasaki DWDM SFP 1.25G Transceivers?

At Yamasaki, we provide cutting-edge optical solutions that keep you ahead in the ever-evolving world of digital communication. Our DWDM SFP 1.25G transceivers are meticulously designed to offer superior performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Trust Yamasaki to power your network with precision and efficiency, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced data transmission capabilities.

Therefore, upgrade your network infrastructure with Yamasaki DWDM SFP 1.25G Transceivers.


Weight (kg): 0.5

Length (cm): 6

Width (cm): 1

Height (cm): 1

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