Splicing Kit, rewarding to use.

Why do we need a splicing kit? We use a splicing kit to fuse or weld two fibres together. In one of our previous blogs we spoke about fiber technology and how a splicer actually works. Please [...]

OTDR, why we use them?

https://yamasakiot.com/product/t02-y24-otdr/   OTDR stands for an optical time-domain reflectometer. It is an instrument used to test an optical fiber. OTDR equipment works by injecting a [...]

Fiber splicing technology explained.

Fiber splicing technology explained.   Fiber Splicing, why do we need it? Fiber Splicing technology is used to precisely align two fiber ends together. Electrodes are used to “fuse” or “weld” [...]

V5000 WIFI

  • WIFI for phone/tablet
  • USB for PC/Laptop
  • Safest method for inspecting live optical fibers or laser ports
  • Has Pass/Fail Analysis Software