Splicing Kit, rewarding to use.

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Why do we need a splicing kit?

We use a splicing kit to fuse or weld two fibers together. In one of our previous blogs, we spoke about fiber technology and how a splicer actually works.

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But just to refresh your memory, fiber splicing technology is used to precisely align two fiber ends together.

Electrodes are used to “fuse” or “weld”  the glass ends together.

How do you achieve this?

You achieve this by using the tools in a splicing kit. The components of a splicing kit vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Typically they will consist of a splicing machine, cleave tool, a battery charger, car charger, stripping tool, cleaning tools, a heating tray, a carry strap and a carry case.

This all in one splicing kit provides the installer with all the tools required to complete a successful splice.

The skill for us is in knowing how to use the kit to its full potential.

Why do we need all these components in the kit?

In your splicing kit, you will find the main items are the splicer, cleaver and battery, however, everything in your kit is there for a reason.

Your splicer will allow you to run or recharge from any power source. But, what if there is no power available?

You then have the option of running the splicer directly from the battery. A real bonus if you are working in a pit or in a ceiling.

You might then find that the battery has run out, what to do then? You are in a remote location with AC power nowhere to be seen… you can simply use the car charger to recharge your unit so you can continue working.

The stripping tool is the most basic tool that is required in your splicing kit as this allows you to remove the buffering from the fiber to prepare for splicing.

The cleave tool is a very important component for you as this tool provides the exact cleave required for a perfect splice.

Fiber Splicing cleave tool
Yamasaki Y17 Cleave Tool


We all know how important it is to keep your equipment clean so the cleaning tools are a must for maintenance and upkeep.

The cooling tray is also a very important part as this allows you to store the completed fiber’s whilst continuing on with the job at hand.

The carry strap and case just make your life easier when it comes to transporting your fiber splicing kit. Providing the much-needed protection against any harmful impact to the splicer.


As you can see, this kit has been well thought out, providing the installer with all the tools required to be able to complete a successful splice.

The benefits of all the components of a splicing kit to you are most apparent!

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